Sterling Engineering Participates in SolidWorks Data Management User Group Meeting

Posted on April 7, 2011

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Sterling Engineering participated in the first ever SolidWorks EPDM (enterprise data management) User Group meeting, hosted by local SolidWorks partners, Graphics Systems Corp. This user forum focused on companies sharing best practices and common issues regarding their product data management systems and processes.

The first of four quarterly meetings held at their Chicago and Milwaukee offices, this event was organized by the Graphics Systems Product Data Team. This specialized team focuses on helping companies implement and streamline SolidWorks Enterprise PDM solutions and workflows. The objective of these meetings is to bring peers and industry experts together to discuss current challenges and ideas in an open, collaborative, forum.

Graphics Systems’ Data Management solutions from SolidWorks offer companies complete control over all design information, eliminating concerns about version control or data loss. These solutions assure that files are securely stored and can be quickly retrieved using a variety of search attributes, such as part number, description, or workflow status. Utilizing collaboration and data reuse can then reduce duplicate files and redundant work.

For more information on SolidWorks Enterprise PDM, visit the Graphics Systems Corp. webpage or view the SolidWorks Enterprise PDM first-look video.

If you are interested in attending a future SolidWorks EPDM User Group, please contact Graphics Systems Corp.

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