Sterling Helps Companies Bridge Gaps in Difficult Times

Posted on August 1, 2011

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As a result of Sterling Engineering’s continuous effort to build professional relationships with our clients and candidates, Sterling Engineering has become a trusted name in a multi-faceted realm of engineering and staffing services.

Recently Sterling learned of a company in the Kenosha, WI area that specializes in the design and manufacturing of compressed air-related products was moving 95% of their operations to Houston TX. Sterling Engineering was asked to reach out to the engineering and manufacturing professionals that would soon find themselves unemployed.

An informal meeting was arranged to have a Sterling Engineering representative meet with a group of interested employees.  This group represented management, new product design, engineering, and quality.  During this meeting Sterling had the pleasure of making new acquaintances and reconnecting with individuals that were once part of the Sterling family. 

Sterling Engineering is always aware of the big picture and understands how difficult things can be for individuals during a layoff.   With outstanding coverage of Chicago, Northern Illinois, and Wisconsin, coupled with our expertise in the field of Engineering, Manufacturing and Technical recruitment, Sterling is poised to be of great assistance to these individuals and others like them.  

As a result of one informal meeting, Sterling Engineering is proud to announce the successful job placement of one individual and the opportunity to place many more into new jobs! 

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