Sterling Engineering Attends University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Engineering Etiquette Dinner

Posted on March 22, 2012

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University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Engineering On March 22, 2012, Dean Gudeman, Marketing Director at Sterling Engineering, attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Engineering Etiquette Dinner. Sterling co-sponsored the event, with other local and national companies, to assist in the growing development and education of the students in the engineering programs at UW-Madison. The presenter was a professional etiquette coach who walked the entire room from the beginning to the end of the event. 

The evening began with time dedicated to refreshments and networking, with faculty at the University directing students to sponsors who could directly assist in their education, career, etc. Sponsors and students were then guided into an atrium laid out for dinner and the presentation. The presenting etiquette coach began with how to present oneself at a networking event, conversation starters and how to approach a business meal and meal interview. 

Once the presentation was completed dinner officially was served and the students sitting at the Sterling Engineering dinner table began to practice what they were just taught. The students were well prepared and conveyed themselves in a very mature manner. Once dinner was served the students shared their majors, ambitions, and what areas of engineering and design they desired to go into. 

This was an event that not only gave Sterling Engineering the opportunity to connect with students who are preparing for their careers as well as providing students with real life tips and advice from professionals in the fields they’re looking to go into.

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