Sterling Engineering Attends FUEL Milwaukee Networking Event

Posted on August 14, 2012

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FUEL Milwaukee recently hosted a networking event located at Ryan Braun’s Graffito in downtown Milwaukee, WI. Sterling Engineering was in attendance along with several hundred other people. FUEL Milwaukee is an economic development initiative of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC) and the leading organization addressing talent attraction and retention for the MMAC and Milwaukee 7. 

These events encourage connections with professional peers and community involvement. By providing an informal setting for its guests, the attendees are able to explore new places and get introduced to others in Milwaukee. Each event takes place in a different location in order to showcase Milwaukee’s diversity, which also provides an opportunity to learn about the city’s history—a resource we can use as we draw in talent from outside locations. 

FUEL has approximately 6,000 members from over 400 employers that live or work in the Milwaukee area. These employers range from various industries, including manufacturing, financial, and law firms. Sterling Engineering has found this group to be a terrific source to network and build their awareness, as well as getting integrated into the community. 

For more information on FUEL Milwaukee, please visit their website

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