Sterling Engineering Supports “Masters of Product Simulation” Event

Posted on August 1, 2012

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Sterling Engineering supported their partner Graphics Systems by attending, “The Masters of Product Simulation”—a Graphic Systems event located at the Merrill Hills Country Club in Waukesha, WI. The event displayed demonstrations of product simulation and design validation on golf related products.

The seminar highlighted various aspects of SolidWorks Simulation software, such as frequency and optimization, airflow, dynamics of shockload, and part moldability. The main purpose was to open discussion on the advantages of using simulation in product design to increase produced quality, reduce production time, lower material costs, reduced physical prototypes, and optimized design of plastic parts and injection molds. 

The event provided a great opportunity where Sterling Engineering could network with attendees and engage with them by discussing common issues of not only part design, but also with staffing and engineering needs. At the conclusion of the event, guests were offered the chance to demonstrate their own skills on the driving range as well. Graphics Systems hosts several events around the Wisconsin and Illinois areas, which provide ample opportunity to connect to the engineering community and learn more about technology.

For more information on Graphics Systems, please visit their website.

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