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Posted on May 30, 2013

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On June 7th, Sterling Engineering employees had the opportunity to attend a leadership workshop presented by The Velocity Organization (VIA). For over two years, VIA has provided workshops to educate and enhance skills for women in the workforce. This workshop was entitled “Leadership Secrets: What Women Should Know That Men Won’t Tell Them” and was presented by Andy Kindler. Andy is the Managing Partner of Xcellero Leadership, an organization that provides leadership development to individuals, project teams, and companies.



The first training session of the workshop had us assessing ourselves as leaders. Andy had us think about what makes each individual effective in a team and how to enhance our interpersonal relationships. This session was followed by an exercise intended to analyze our authentic leader qualities by completing The PeopleMap Questionnaire. This questionnaire asked us to identify whether we had a Leader, People, Task, or Free-Spirited personality type. Once we identified each of our personality types, he pointed out the strengths and weaknesses of each and shared with us how to communicate with other personality types. Most importantly, he pointed out ways we could develop ourselves as better leaders by building off our strengths and adjusting to our weaknesses.
Andy’s main objective of this workshop was to help us realize that for women to be successful leaders, they do not have to take on male attributes. He instead pointed out the traits that make a successful leader don’t differ between men or women.

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