Sterling Engineering joins the SPC Business Consortium to Support CPARC Engineering Center at Marmion Academy

Posted on October 31, 2013

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SPC - CPARC MarmionSterling Engineering is proud to be among the businesses supporting the Computational Prototyping and Research Engineering Center (CPARC) at Marmion Academy by joining the SPC Business Consortium. 

Dr. Victor Pinks, the CPARC Director at Marmion has put together a curriculum for students that will give them the opportunity to do real-life CAD and CFD work for the businesses in the consortium and their clients.  The work that the consortium is passing along to Marmion students typically isn’t seen at a high school level.  For example, they are currently working on a conveyor extraction project for a Fortune 500 valve company.  The goal of this curriculum is to give the students access to real life scenarios to provide them with the tools and experience they need to put them ahead when applying for college. 

“The focus is profitability for SPC Business partners and their customers while providing a very unique educational opportunity for students.  In its nascent year, success appears to be unmatched by most area schools and could provide a model for STEM education on a broader scale in the future,” said Dr. Victor Pinks.

Sterling Engineering is looking forward to be a part of this consortium and what it will mean for the students of Marmion. Mike Sury, Vice President of Sales at Sterling says, “Sterling is excited to be part of this unique opportunity to get high school kids real world modeling and analysis work, which may help in leading these students into a career in Engineering”.

To learn more about the SPC Business Consortium and the CPARC Engineering Center at Marmion contact Dr. Victor Pinks at

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