Farewell as our summer internship comes to an end

Posted on August 21, 2014

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It’s the beginning of another school year, and that means the end of a summer internship for Sterling’s interns Michael, Nick, and Sam whose final day was Friday.

internsPictured from left to right : Michael, Nick, Sam.

A Sterling internship involves many different roles and responsibilities. Michael, Nick, and Sam, were assigned Researching/Sourcing roles in different recruiting teams under the guidance of a Senior Recruiter. They were each trained in boolean and keyword resume searches and assisted on special projects including database maintenance. “The internship gave me an opportunity to see what the hiring process is like from the employer’s perspective,” said Nick, a Mechanical Engineering student at Notre Dame. “I got a a lot of insight on what employers look for on resumes, and what makes a candidate stand out.” Nick got to see many resumes of engineers during his time here, and was able to see what gets some engineers hired over others. He also made some observations while making outreach calls and had this to say, “Recruiting mechanical engineers and hearing them talk about all of the different fields and expertise gave me an understanding of how people from the same degree can be divided into very distinct groups of workers.” His experience at Sterling will help him in ‘engineering’ his path toward becoming a mechanical engineer.

Mike, a student at Marquette University, learned to balance various responsibilities and tasks so that he could meet the goals and deadlines set by his team. “It was fast paced and sometimes could be challenging, but I really enjoyed seeing how the whole process came together and sometimes got to the meet the candidate when they got the job.”

Through contact with school career centers on behalf of Sterling, Sam, a business student at St. Louis University, has realized the value career fairs can have for him. He is now motivated to research the companies that attend the ones near his school, and to go to them to hopefully have a chance at a business internship for next year.

“It was fun getting their opinions for the selection of new job fair giveaways” noted Alex Kern, from the Sterling Engineering marketing team. Sterling is glad to have been able to help these students see the hiring process and gain some work experience. We wish them all the best on their endeavors!

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