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Posted on April 21, 2015

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4-21-2015 bing dela torre
In April, Bing announced his retirement after 20 years with Sterling. We sat down to discuss his long career in engineering and his plans for the future.


I qualified as a BSME from the Civil Institute of Technology in the Philippines in 1967.  My first jobs included hands-on installations at a brewery, Assistant Plant Managment at a power Plant, and Maintenance Supervising a fertilizer Plant.  I was young and single so when my brother (an architect) moved to the US I decided to apply for a visa and gain a few years of US experience.  One thing led to another and here I am many years later still in the US and still working in engineering.

When did you start with Sterling?

In 1994 I was working at Rockwell Graphic Systems for 11 ½ years as a Parts Designer for offset printing process.  The printing industry was going through a slowdown and Rockwell had started companywide layoffs when friend recommended Sterling to me.  I was contacted by a recruiter who set up an interview with Account Manager, John Grek. At that time I used CADAM for layout and design, I was excited when Sterling offered a 2 week In-house AutoCAD training course to expand my design skills.  Following a short temporary assignment with JI Case as a Facility Engineer I accepted a Facility Engineering position through Sterling.  This started my long and exciting career in facility layout, with many challenges and successes along the way

Your First Sterling Assignment?

I was assigned as a Facility Engineer, involved in the facility redesign for a 4 stroke train engine. This involved moving old machines, and designing the structure and layout of new equipment. This 4 stroke engine became the engine of the future-experimental, providing more power and a more efficient use of fuel consumption.  The design required good castings which made for less machining and much faster manufacturing. I stayed with this company for 18 years.

What do you do for fun?

My wife and I love to travel and now that we’re both retired we’re looking forward to taking more trips. Through my college Alumni group I’ve been involved for many years in raising funds to sponsor engineering scholarships for students in the Philippines. We are currently sponsoring 5 scholarships.  We also fundraise through our Church for needy street children –helping place them in an orphanage.  Dancing, cards and just enjoying good friends keep us active and involved.


Though we’re both originally from the Philippines we met and married in Chicago.  We have three children, our oldest daughter became a nurse like her mother, my second daughter is a Chemical Engineer and works in a Research role in the food industry, and my son has just started a career in IT.  We also have three grandchildren.

What are you looking forward to most?

Turning off the alarm clock…..after years of getting up at 4:30 for a 6:00am start it will be fun to switch it off. 

What will you miss?

I’m really looking forward to not having the pressure and tension of deadlines but I made great friends with my coworkers and I’ll miss them.

Advice to young Engineers?

You’ve chosen a career in a very rewarding, satisfying field.  It’s a great time to be an engineer.  The tools available will help hone your design skills but ask lots of questions and whenever you can, get out on the manufacturing floor and get your hands on the parts you design-it really helps you understand the process.


Although no longer onsite here at the Sterling office Bing is part of the Sterling Alumni Group so we look forward to seeing him at reunions and get together in the future.

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