Marquette University’s Engineering Networking Event

Posted on May 20, 2015

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Marquette Alumni and current students from the Chicago area visited Sterling on Tuesday to hear newly appointed Opus Dean of the Marquette College of Engineering, Dr. Kris Ropella, speak on Marquette’s vision for the future of engineering education.

Sterling’s founder and Marquette Alumnus (’67) Dan Casey introduced Dean Ropella to the group and shared personal insights into the changes that have occurred in engineering in the past 40 years. “To maintain US growth in manufacturing and innovation we must continue to attract and engage bright young minds to pursue careers in engineering” Casey cautioned. “Marquette and other universities play a vital role in educating future engineers to compete in a global market” 

ropellaFollowing an update on Marquette’s Opus College of Engineering, Dean Ropella shared her vision on how the next generation of engineers will be attracted and trained to solve global problems. While this requires the college to continue to educate students to be technically excellent, it also requires that students have lots of opportunity to think creatively and critically, work across disciplines, and collaborate with professionals in other fields. The dean spoke of the potential for the College of Engineering and the College of Business at Marquette to collaborate on innovation projects. “I’m impressed with Marquette’s cutting edge approach,” said Paul Russo, Sterling VP and Marquette Alumnus. “There was a lot of excitement in the room when the dean discussed some of the new spaces in Engineering Hall, including the visualization lab that is used by faculty across the university and also when she highlighted some existing programs in robotics”.
Marquette Engineering Team at Robocup Brazil 

Also discussed during her presentation was the college’s need for additional space that will be provided by a second new building for engineering students that is under discussion at Marquette. The new building will likely be shared with another discipline to promote collaboration and innovation. In closing, the dean discussed the College’s desire to remain close with Marquette alumni and with engineering professionals to continue to strengthen the Opus College of Engineering at Marquette. 

In closing remarks Sterling CEO Dolores Connolly commented how fortunate Sterling and the Marquette Alumni are to have someone with Dean Ropella’s impressive credentials, vision and enthusiasm driving the next chapter of engineering excellence at Marquette University. We wish her success in her new role.

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