Sterling Employee Benefits

Employee Referral Program (ERP)


Did you know that Referrals make the best hires…?


  • Referrals can account for anywhere from 24% to 33% of all hires in a typical company
  • Studies show that referral hires perform 3% to 15% better than hires from other sources
  • Referral candidates accept offers 15% more than other candidates
  • Referral candidates have higher retention rates than candidates from other sources


Building a robust ERP is very important to Sterling. Our program, highly integrated with social media, encourages our employees to proactively connect with the best people they have worked with in the past. Building “talent communities” who have access to the diverse job opportunities at Sterling is key to our ongoing growth and success as an organization. Our employees understand and support the philosophy that “the team wins when it has the best players.”


To this end, we offer both employees and candidates ERP incentives which include:


  • Cash Bonuses for referrals who are hired by Sterling
  • 3 referred candidates that are placed earn a ticket into a $1000 annual drawing 


Some conditions apply.

If you have any questions or would like to make a referral, contact Marian Brady at


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