Sterling Engineering Inc.

Sterling’s Project Management capabilities are a key differentiator. Our experienced, multi-disciplined team of Engineers and Designers, led by a licensed Professional Engineer (PE), provide outsourcing support for OEM, Manufacturing and R&D customers in need of a resource that will assist in reducing costs without sacrificing results. Our flexible delivery options include Statement of Work (SOW), Fixed Bid, Time and Materials (T&M), and TEAM Pricing.


In our office or on-site at our clients, we can support segments of a project or an entire project from initial concept through the implementation phase. Sterling can provide the talent, workstations, hardware, software, and required licensing to meet any project requirements. Our expertise includes:



Project Delivery Methodology:
Sterling has developed a simple, yet practical and highly effective Project Delivery methodology that helps keep projects on time and within budget:



Sterling Innovation at Work


"When it comes to concept development work, Sterling is at its best. They are a state-of-the-art shop and their people know what they are doing. I recommend their engineering services all the time. If you want a project done well and done right, go to Sterling."

-Director of Engineering
Custom Automated Equipment Manufacturer