Sterling Engineering Inc.

Machine Design

Over 45 years ago, Sterling Engineering was founded with a core expertise in high speed machine design. Then and still today, we employ some of the best equipment designers and engineers in the industry. As machine design best practices and technology have evolved, so has Sterling. Built upon those decades of in-depth knowledge and experience, we can provide customers with unique and creative design and redesign solutions.


Our Machine Design capabilities include:


  • Assembly Machines
  • Assembly Fixtures
  • Research & Development
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Concept Design
  • Light Line Design
  • Hard Line Design
  • Detailing (Parts, Assemblies & Bill of Material)
  • Engineering Documentation (Set Up Procedures, Troubleshooting, Maintenance)
  • Prototyping Support
  • Fabrication Support
  • Validation Support
  • Installation Support
  • Design and development of new special manufacturing or packaging equipment
  • Track & Trace (TNT)


To learn more about ways we can help you complete your machine design project on time and on budget, please submit a request info form or call 866-4-STERLING.


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