Employee Spotlight

Rom Bacino

“Sterling gets you the opportunity, and you run with it and make a difference.”

Rom Bacino had just moved to Illinois and like many job seekers, he decided that partnering with a staffing firm might be an efficient way to find a job in his new state. After speaking with several staffing firms, he met with Sterling, and the rest is history.

Today you’ll find Rom in his seventh year with Sterling, working at Fermilab. Fermilab, a U.S. national laboratory and research center, conducts some of the most advanced physics experiments possible and they collect and analyze the data from those experiments with some of the most powerful technology in the world. Sterling has been proud to partner with Fermilab for over 40 years (for more information about Fermilab: https://www.fnal.gov/)

Rom is a lead technician who installs, repairs, and modifies all pneumatic gate valves. He also repairs and rebuilds all scroll pumps and turbos, and all of these systems are used in the beam line for Fermilab’s particle accelerator. Rom was part of a team that earned a patent in 2019 at Fermilab for innovations in ultra high vacuum tech equipment.

Rom values Sterling’s screening capabilities and our precision in matching talent with the right opportunities. Most of all, Rom appreciates that Sterling helps you find roles that can accelerate your career.

“I’m so appreciative that God has given me talent, and Sterling has given me opportunity,” Rom recently said. “I met Sterling, and they gave me the opportunity to grow my career and make a difference.”

Rom also shares that contract opportunities through Sterling have helped him move around and be involved with many different projects … something that might not have happened if he were hired by the client. “It’s been quite an experience for me,” said Rom.

Rom is also enthusiastic about our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), a long-term benefit that is fully funded by Sterling. “I’m grateful for the chance to be an employee owner.”

Thank you Rom for your amazing work over so many years!

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