Employee Spotlight

Marisha Baldwin

Marisha graduated from Southern Illinois University with her Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems and Applied Technology. After spending a year teaching reading to elementary school kids through AmeriCorps (a service organization), she landed an internship with T-Mobile. It was here that she became inspired to become a project manager.

That inspiration turned into a Master’s degree in IT Project Management from DePaul University. 6 years ago, she was contacted by a recruiter from Sterling, and that connection led to two long-term engagements. Marisha has been working at Argonne National Laboratory (https://www.anl.gov/) for the past four years as a Project Control Specialist.

Argonne is a U.S. Department of Energy multidisciplinary science and engineering research center in Lemont, IL. Argonne’s facilities provide researchers with access to the most advanced tools of modern science. Each year, over 10,000 researchers from academia, industry, and government laboratories use these facilities to perform new scientific research. Argonne has been one of Sterling’s valued customers since the 1980’s and during that time we have filled a wide variety of engineering, project management, and other research-related roles.

As a Project Control Specialist, Marisha Baldwin manages different aspects of infrastructure projects from budgeting to reporting to contract management, and everything in between. She currently works on a Rapid Response team that supports the various government laboratory facilities.

There are many things Marisha enjoys about working through Sterling at Argonne. “I love the people,” Marisha explained. “I love working with people from so many different backgrounds. I work around scientists every day; in fact, my manager is a scientist (Naval Chemist) with strong analytical skillsets.” She truly appreciates the team she works on.

When it comes to working for Sterling, Marisha most values the benefits we offer. “Benefits become more important as you get older,” she shared. “I really appreciate the holiday pay, vacation time, and Sterling’s 401(k).”

Marisha also likes how responsive our recruiters are. “With many other companies they place you and you become a number to them. With Sterling, I have relationships and I always know someone has my back.” She feels the Sterling team advocates for her and supports her growth.

What advice would Marisha give to someone considering contract work? “Get into an organization, do your best work, and learn as much as you can.” Marisha has certainly done all three, and we appreciate your hard work, your attitude, and your dedication to success!

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