Employee Spotlight

Steven Pissarreck

“Stay focused and stay positive.”

Spend a few moments with Steve Pissareck and you will walk away feeling more positive than when you started!

Steve is an experienced and innovative mechanical designer/design engineer. He has been placed by Sterling 15 times over 14 years on different direct hire and contract engagements. “I love being a contractor,” said Steve. “It has helped so much with my growth and career development.”

Even though Steve cannot pick a favorite project, he did enjoy his experience working for Sterling’s client, a railroad equipment manufacturer. When he started, he was doing research and development, a new industry and experience for him. 2 years later the same company called him back for the second iteration on the design work he had previously done. He then stayed for three years to design and build the equipment. He had the opportunity to work on the same project from concept through to testing on the equipment that had been built from his design. “It was an incredible moment for me,” said Steve about his experience.

What does Steve like about working for Sterling? “Sterling is always looking out for me,“ Steve shared. “From the beginning they have always taken the time to truly know me and to understand my goals. I feel a very strong connection with Sterling, like I’m part of the family. I appreciate everything Sterling has done for me and my career.”

Steve is also fully vested in the Sterling Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). “The ESOP is a great thing that Sterling did. It really brings people to the table and gives you gives you skin in the game. It makes you feel even more a part of the family.”

What’s next for Steve? He is currently interviewing for his next engagement through Sterling. One thing is for certain about his future: his positive outlook. “I’m good but I’ll get better. I’m committed to a constant state of improvement, even at my age/experience level.”

What advice would he give? “Don’t get overwhelmed by your goals and put distractions into perspective. Design is now so much more involved and you can get pulled into so many directions.”

As for doing long-term contract work, his advice is “Go for it! Many people look for that lifetime job, but the world has changed. Contract work gives you such variety and so many avenues you can touch. This is true especially if you’re coming out of school. Contracting is a great way to taste so many different disciplines and you can build your skills and background. Besides, so many companies are moving towards increased use of contractors, so ride that wave.”  Thank you Steve for your hard work and dedication to Sterling!






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