Global Confectioner Optimizes Work Force Management

The Challenge

A global Confectioner manufacturer was seeking improvements in the management of their contingent workforce processes to enable them to focus on their core competencies.

  • Projects that required staff included: machine design, process improvement, process design, plant facilities design and capital equipment installation and commissioning projects, and management of CAD archival system.

Our Solution

Sterling Engineering has been working with the client since 1990 and had established relationships with the engineering staff and company executives. Sterling already had an onsite team that understood the client’s manufacturing process. 

  • Sterling implemented an on-site Workforce Management Solution.
  • The project scope was defined and Sterling provided engineering cost estimates for capital budgets.
  • Sterling was also responsible for onboarding the new employees. This included orientation and training of safety and operating procedures. 
  • Quarterly reports were provided to ensure projects were completed on-time and within budget 

The Results

Sterling completed the design and the client is running production at 140 pie shells per minute with a 1 hour changeover time.

In managing the workflow, Sterling shrank and expanded the department as needed.

  • The team was scalable from anywhere to 5 – 25 persons, depending on the workload.
  • Any subject matter experts, such as structural and controls engineers, supported the projects as needed.
  • Because of Sterling’s progressive employee benefits package, turnover was reduced, production was optimized, and co-employment issues were mitigated.

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