Packaging Equipment Design Project

Packaging Equipment Design Increases Process Throughout and Reduces Production Time

The Challenge:

A leading confectionery manufacturer, had seasonal piece candies that were being packaged in small, 2 oz. cartons. The production cycle for this seasonal product was currently three-and-a-half months due to packaging limitations. Our client’s goal was to increase carton handling and collation ability from 250 per minute to 400+ per minute to drive down production time to two months. Additionally, the client wanted to reduce overall packaging cost with the new solution. 

Our Solution:

Improve random input, constant output collation device design, and designed a servo driven carton overhead gap-phasing device. This was a new device that was crucial to maintaining a smooth operation and maximizing the throughput of the random input, constant output collation machine.

The Results Stats 

Sterling’s solution helped drive down production time and enabled the Manufacturing Manager to meet his objectives: 

  • The reduction in production time resulted in a 60% decrease in packaging costs and a 15% increase in cash flow. 
  • Cutting the packaging time to 2 months.

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