Custom Equipment Design Enables Pie Shell Production at 140 PPM

A redesign was needed for a machine to decrease changeover time for producing variations of their product.

The Challenge

The owner of a company that sells special equipment to the bakery industry needed to improve an existing mechanically driven pie shell spinning machine. The ever-changing marketplace requires more speed and the ability to quickly change over the machine for more pie shell sizes, shapes and types of crumbs being used. The current changeover time and production speed needed to improve. A redesign was needed so that the machine was more robust, had programmable settings, and offered variable cycle motions. The solution had to permit 2, 3, and 4-head tooling versions.

Our Solution

Sterling designed a 4-head, 2-axis servo drive to address reciprocation and vertical spinner drive motions. The kinematics of the system were calculated and ​system-timing profiles were generated. The machine can be directly integrated in to new and old installations. The design incorporated bakery GMP and safety guidelines.

The Results

Sterling completed the design and the client is running production at 140 pie shells per minute with a 1 hour changeover time.

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