How We Deliver

Contract Recruitment

While our customers maintain a core workforce, the reality of business is that workloads peak and valley.  Contract staffing is our most flexible solution – customers have the ability to hire well-qualified candidates for projects for short or longer periods of time.  When your project is complete or the workload slows, you have the complete flexibility to downsize this contingent workforce when needed. Sterling’s contract employees bring a diverse set of skills and experience to the table and know how to quickly adapt and become part of your team.

Client Testimonial

“I believe that Sterling Engineering is successful because they listen and try to understand customer needs and apply their efforts properly to meet those needs. My experience has convinced me that this is a partner that I can count on, when it comes to providing qualified candidates for temporary or permanent positions in engineering or manufacturing. I will recommend Sterling for anyone’s recruiting needs.”

- Engineering Manager
Manufacturer of Custom Engineering Locks