Demand for Software Engineers is projected to increase by about 20% over the next decade. Although there is great deal of demand for software engineers in the Chicago area, there’s a scarcity of engineers with the skills that are most sought after by Chicago-area employers. 

While there are literally thousands of skilled software developers and programmers with very good general skill sets, there is an acute shortage of highly-skilled engineers, who have the skills and experience that are needed to meet the needs of many Chicago land employers. Many students are at a loss as to how to best position themselves for a rewarding careers as software engineers. 

“What’s the best programming language to learn?” This question, perhaps, underscores why so many students and aspiring engineers fail in their bid to attain their full potential. The idea that there is “a best programming language,” is certainly an idea that’s borne out of misinformation. To answer the question, as it’s posed, would be to lend validity to a glaring misconception.

Rather than focus on any particular programming language, the emphasis should be on what languages and tools that up and coming engineers need to arm themselves with in the bid to reach the top of their game. Some of the most relevant contemporary programming languages include, in no particular order, Java, C++, C# and .NET, Python, Perl, and PHP. 

While it would be impractical to expect an engineer to be an expert in all of these languages, a competent software engineer must be well versed in at least 2 or 3 of these languages, and be open to becoming adept at others. The most highly sought-after engineers are those who are able to write code in various languages, as well as work across multiple platforms. Having said all this, it’s important to reiterate that there is no such thing as the best programming language. There are different languages for different scenarios, and the demand for a language will vary depending on the employer, and the platform being utilized at a given entity. 

Whether you’re an employer in need of a software engineer, or a software developer looking for your next project, Sterling’s IT Staffing Specialists can help you! Give us a call and put us to work for you! 

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