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The demand for engineering and technical talent is high, and competition for these candidates can be fierce. In addition to technical skills, finding candidates who fit the organization’s culture and values can be challenging. This can be especially important in highly collaborative or team-based environments. 

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Organizations may encounter various obstacles when searching for technical and engineering talent, such as:

Skill gaps: The constantly evolving innovation landscape makes finding candidates with the specific skills required for the job challenging. Even if candidates have experience in a related field, they may still need training to catch up.

High demand for talent: Attracting top talent can be difficult for smaller companies or those without a well-known brand.

Cost: Technical and engineering talent can be expensive, especially for highly skilled or experienced candidates. Competitive salaries, benefits, and other perks may be necessary to retain the best employees.

Location: Technical talent may be scarce in certain areas, while companies in highly competitive markets may face higher costs.

Cultural fit: Besides technical skills, finding candidates who align with the organization’s culture and values can be challenging, particularly in collaborative or team-based environments.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Ensuring a diverse pool of applicants can be complex due to unconscious bias in the hiring process.

To address these challenges, it’s essential to take a strategic approach to finding technical and engineering talent while considering the unique staffing needs of each company. Sterling’s recruiters are experts in their technical field, making us exceptional at recruiting highly specialized talent, especially for hard-to-find skill sets. We don’t just send you a candidate – we match you with talent that will become part of your core team.

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Client Testimonials

“What I like the best about Sterling is most definitely their people and the sense of urgency on their part; hands-down! Sterling understand the company needs and if they are unsure, they communicate with us on all levels. The type of communication/relationship I have with Sterling is one I wish I had with others.”

Client Testimonials

“In my experience the staff at Sterling cares about helping me solve our business needs by placing solid, skilled candidates in my open roles. They take the time to understand the company, the needs of the business and the environment that the candidates they refer will work in which equates to a candidate that fits my organization.”

Client Testimonals

“Quick follow ups, wide variety of quality candidates and skill sets. Easy management of employees once onboard.”

Client Testimonals

“The attention to detail/efficiency and customer service are far and away stronger than any other firm we have worked with (we have worked with well over 50). Sterling focuses on quality rather than quantity”

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Applications Engineer​
Packaging Engineer​
Project Engineer​
Sales Engineer​
Test Engineer​

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Facility Layout ​
Industrial Engineer​
Lean Engineer​
Manf. Engineer​
Process Engineer​
Production Supervisor​
Quality Engineer​
Technical Writer
Validation Engineer​

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Assembly Builder​
Clean Room
Inventory Control​
Lab​ | Quality ​| Test​
Mfg. Assistant​


IT Executive Leadership​
IT Managers​
Research & Development
Supply Chain​

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Inventory Manager​
Logistic Manager​
Supplier Quality Engineer
Warehouse Manager​

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Software Developers​
Network Administrators​
Business Analysts​
Project Managers​
IoT | IIoT​ | Industry 4.0​
Netw./Sys. Engineers​
Data Analysts

Empowering Success Together: Our Collaborative Journey

At Sterling, we pride ourselves on our exceptional recruitment process. We build strong partnerships with our clients, providing high-touch communication and in-depth prescreening to ensure the perfect match. Our advanced technology and extensive candidate database allow us to effortlessly locate technical candidates that may be difficult to find through other recruiting means. In addition, our dedicated industry-focused talent teams are profoundly knowledgeable and assess technical skills, cultural fit, and alignment with our client’s values. We also provide comprehensive onboarding support for a seamless transition and long-term success. As a result, we deliver top-notch talent that aligns perfectly with our client’s goals and culture.

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