Case Study


Global Confectioner Requires Optimized
Contingent Workforce Management

Our Client’s Challenge

Our client, a global confectionary manufacturer, sought improvements in their contingent workforce management so that they could focus more on their core business competencies. They used many contract workers for machine design, process improvement, process design, plant facilities design, capital equipment installation, commissioning projects, and management of their CAD archival system.

Project Snapshot

A global confectionary manufacturer needed to optimize their contingent workforce labor process and management.

Sterling implemented our Workforce Management Solution on-site at the
client’s facility.

Sterling partnered with the client for over 20 years, managing their flexible engineering and manufacturing workforce.

Sterling’s Solution

Sterling Engineering’s long-standing relationship with our client included an on-site team that had a deep understanding of our client’s manufacturing processes. We built upon our existing relationship to implement an on-site Workforce Management Solution, which included:

  • Providing the client with flexible skilled team members to complete various projects.

  • Customized onboarding for all new employees, including orientation and training on safety and operating procedures.

  • Quarterly usage reports to ensure projects were completed on time and within budget.

Our Results

Sterling’s Workforce Management Solution allowed the client to adjust the size of their workforce as needed. This flexibility helped the client scale their workforce up or down by as many as 5 to 25 employees at any given time.

Subject matter experts (such as structural and control engineers) supported the project as needed.

Finally, thanks to Sterling’s progressive employee benefits package, turnover was reduced, production was optimized, and co-employment issues were mitigated.

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