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Categories: Research, Staffing

Our Client

Our client, a U.S. national laboratory and research center, has always needed highly qualified engineering talent for their organization. They conduct some of the most advanced physics experiments possible and they collect and analyze the data from those experiments with some of the most powerful technology in the world.

Given the importance of their work, they place high value on not only attracting the best and brightest engineering talent; talent retention is also understandably critical for the organization.

Key Points

Sterling has a substantial track record of longevity with our clients, building trust over many years.

Our deep relationships with both clients and our employees means we can excel on even the most demanding requests for highly specialized talent.

Sterling has also built an impressive reputation for taking exceptional care of our employees, specifically through comprehensive benefits including our Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

The Sterling Partnership

Sterling has been proud to partner with this client for over 40 years. The trust that has developed over 4 decades allows Sterling to make the most precise placements. We have also developed a custom benefits package that mirrors the client’s offerings, which helps us attract and place the best and brightest talent.

In the past few years we’ve placed more than 120 talented professionals with our client, and many of those Sterling employees work with the client for 3-4 years.

The reputation Sterling has earned within the organization gives hiring managers the confidence that not only will Sterling find the best talent; we’ll take excellent care of them as well, helping them to be happier, more engaged, and more productive.

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