Case Study


Sterling Partnership Helps Manufacturer
Pivot During COVID

Our Client’s Challenge

Our client, a manufacturer and engineering systems provider, was impacted greatly by the global pandemic. Part of their business was in China, so in addition to the COVID impact, they also felt the impact of growing global trade tensions. COVID also hurt their domestic business as the recession slowed the need for home building supplies, their primary focus.

Their Chinese counterpart had designed a machine for manufacturing masks. The U.S. team was able to reach an agreement to obtain the drawings and manufacture the masks domestically. The drawings needed to be carefully translated for production in the U.S., a significant amount of complex work when matching tolerances and modifying/recalibrating to ensure the correct fabrication. The new machinery was also much more precise than the machines normally manufactured by our client.

Project Snapshot

Sterling’s long-time client was impacted by the pandemic and they had a complex opportunity to pivot.
The client has now developed a new business, which is contributing to our world’s ability to remain safe during the pandemic.
Because of our long relationship and our talented team that was already on-site, we were able to help them take advantage of the business opportunity in a very short timeframe.

Sterling’s Solution

Thanks to Sterling’s long-lasting relationship with the client, our onsite team of engineers was able to focus on this project and deliver results. Sterling’s engineers completed the translation and our machine technicians assembled the new machinery in a very compressed timeframe.

Our Results

The first machine was manufactured, assembled, and put into production within 10 weeks, and extraordinarily fast turnaround. Our client not only started producing masks; they also built and sold 20+ additional machines to boost mask production through other companies. The venture was so successful, they started a new business unit focus on this area.

Our client’s machines are able to produce up to 100 masks per minute and at the highest production rate, they made 70,000 masks in a 24-hour period. In total, they have made over a million masks to date.

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