Referral Program

What’s better than getting rewarded for helping someone else?

Great people know great people, and Sterling is ready to help your friends and colleagues in finding their next career move.

How it works

We have improved our referral program! Now you and your referral will receive payouts.

Step 1:

Refer a friend or colleague to Sterling by completing the referral form. They accept an offer* and meet job placement requirements**.

Step 2:

YOU receive a $300 payout. THEY receive a $300 payout too!

Step 3:

Repeat as many times as you like.

Submit Referral

Remember, you can always view our job board here.

 *Referral must accept an offer within 6 months after the referral was submitted.
**The referral must complete 500 hours for contract hires or surpass their guarantee period for direct hires. Additional terms or conditions may apply.

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