In today’s rapidly evolving industrial landscape, the role of maintenance technicians is becoming more critical than ever. These skilled professionals are the backbone of ensuring smooth operations, enhancing productivity, and preventing costly downtime. However, despite their importance, many companies face a significant challenge – a shortage of qualified maintenance technician workers. As the demand for skilled labor rises, it’s time for businesses to think outside the box and adopt innovative strategies to fill open maintenance technician roles effectively.

The Growing Crisis – Shortage of Maintenance Technicians

The shortage of qualified maintenance technicians is not a problem that developed overnight; rather, it has been simmering for years. Several factors contribute to this crisis. Firstly, the retirement of experienced baby boomers has left a void that the incoming workforce struggles to fill adequately. Secondly, as technology advances, the skill requirements for maintenance technicians have evolved, leading to a growing skills gap. Finally, the lack of awareness and appreciation for technical careers has resulted in fewer young individuals pursuing maintenance-related professions.

Thinking Outside the Box

Sterling has broken free from traditional hiring practices and embraced innovative approaches to find qualified maintenance technicians to address this pressing issue.  Sterling has developed four effective strategies to assist their clients in finding the employees they need.

  1. Partnering with Schools
    At Sterling, we are committed to addressing the critical shortage of maintenance technicians by forging innovative partnerships with educational institutions. Recognizing the importance of a skilled and thriving maintenance workforce, we have proactively collaborated with schools and vocational programs.  By investing in the next generation of engineering and maintenance professionals, we aim to bridge the skills gap and empower students to embark on rewarding careers that contribute to the success and sustainability of our supported industries.
  1. Skills-Based Recruiting
    Recognizing that traditional hiring practices may not fully address the industry’s evolving demands, we have embraced a forward-thinking approach that focuses on skills and potential rather than solely on past experience. Our skills-based recruiting methodology allows us to identify candidates with the technical aptitude, problem-solving abilities, and adaptability required to excel in maintenance roles. By assessing candidates based on their practical skills and learning capacity, Sterling is expanding the qualified talent pool. This approach benefits job seekers by providing opportunities based on their true capabilities and empowers industries to access a diverse and dynamic array of maintenance professionals.
  1. Recruiting Military Veterans
    Sterling recognizes the valuable skills, discipline, and dedication that veterans bring to the table, making them ideal candidates to meet the demands of the maintenance field. Through tailored recruitment initiatives, we contribute to solving the technician shortage and provide meaningful career pathways for those who have served our country. Sterling is committed to honoring veterans’ service while simultaneously strengthening industries through their invaluable contributions as maintenance professionals.
  1. Supplement Workforce with Contract Employees
    Sterling can also provide a flexible contract staffing solution to address short-term maintenance needs or seasonal fluctuations, allowing businesses to maintain optimal productivity without committing to permanent hires. By leveraging our expertise, companies can efficiently close the technician gap and concentrate on their core operations. Additionally, contract workers bring diverse insights and a fresh perspective, enriching the overall knowledge base within maintenance departments. At Sterling, we specialize in connecting businesses with top-tier contract maintenance technicians, offering a reliable source of talent to help combat the shortage and ensure seamless operations in a competitive landscape.
Empowering Contract Staff through ESOPs: Enhancing Retention and Engagement

Sterling is proud to be an employee-owned company.

By choosing an ESOP staffing firm like Sterling, which specializes in engineering and technical talent, clients gain access to a pool of highly skilled and motivated contract workers and contribute to a model that promotes a sense of ownership and commitment among these employees. Sterling aligns the interests of the contract workers with the success of the client’s business, fostering a dedicated workforce driven to perform at its best. As a result, clients can expect higher engagement, productivity, and loyalty from the contract staff, leading to improved project outcomes and overall organizational success.

The scarcity of qualified maintenance technician workers is a pressing challenge that demands immediate attention. Sterling acknowledges the evolving landscape and adapts our recruiting strategies accordingly. By thinking outside the box and embracing innovative solutions, Sterling can fill open maintenance technician roles and create a sustainable pipeline of skilled professionals for the future.

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Pamela O’Donnell, Marketing Manager,


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