While an internship does not guarantee you a job it will offer an opportunity for mentorship, excellent networking experience and a chance to learn about your chosen field from the inside.

Offering internships is a great way to expose young adults to the brand. Businesses can use internships as a mode of introducing young professionals to the unique offerings of the organization. For students, working in an internship provides invaluable experiential learning. By participating in specific projects, these students can apply their classroom knowledge in a professional environment and gain more exposure to their chosen field of work.

At Sterling Engineering, interns are assigned to a Team Leader or managed by the Director of Recruiting. Interns at Sterling Engineering assist with research roles, ongoing projects, and have the opportunity to shadow employees to gain hands-on experience.

For Purdue University student, Matas Stankus, interning at Sterling Engineering provided valuable experience. “I developed my communication skills in my role, becoming more comfortable constantly speaking to people I have never met or talked to. I also learned how to analyze resumes, what to include in these resumes to get the best results, and much more about how the staffing process works.”

Our internship roles are a win-win for Sterling and for the student, said Jane Robinson, Director of Recruiting. We get some much-needed help in research roles and the student gains some valuable experience.

The benefits that internships yield for both employers and students are undisputed. For students, the experience is instrumental for professional growth. For employers like Sterling Engineering, offering internships produces fresh perspectives and increased brand recognition by the next generation of professionals.

 Bsrat Negassi, Marquette University: Computer Engineering split her time here at Sterling.between our Recruiting and IT departments.  “Working alongside the IT Manager I was able to gain more knowledge in ISO/IEC guidelines and procedure and in general troubleshooting and installations”

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