Project Management

Does your workload exceed your workforce? With our project management services, including assessments and analysis, we are here to close that gap.

Execute your workload efficiently
with Sterling Project Management.

Outsourcing project management is cost-effective for companies because it eliminates the need for hiring and overhead costs.

Expertise and Experience
Access specialized Sterling Project Managers for industry-specific or project-focused expertise. Outsource with Sterling Engineering to focus on your core competencies and strategic activities.

Flexibility and Scalability
Our project managers provide flexible and scalable solutions for short-term, phase-specific, or peak-period projects, enabling clients to adjust their resources to meet current demands.

Risk Management
Sterling Engineering’s project managers are experts in risk management, ensuring successful project execution while avoiding common pitfalls.


Sterling Engineering – Strategy Through Execution

We’ll assemble diverse engineering teams to support your project from initial concept through implementation.


  • Defining expected outcomes for performance, cost, and budget
  • Identify project risks
  • Develop preliminary project plan & order of magnitude budget
  • Feasibility assessment
  • Bid preparation
  • Change management and strategic planning



  • Risk and mitigation plan
  • Develop a detailed project with a full work breakdown structure
  • Identify resources and develop a schedule
  • Refine preliminary cost budgets
  • Capital investment & ROI assessment
  • Generate project scope documents
  • Production lading assessment
  • Packaging automation optimization



  • Manage project plan, WBS, and tasks
  • Manage schedule and budgets
  • Coordinate all project resources and suppliers
  • Liaison with vendors, suppliers, and management team
  • Document control
  • Technical writing and illustration
  • Safety procedure
  • Validation documentation

Project Management Case Studies

glucose monitor with doctor

Medical Device Assembly – Glucose Monitor

A global tier-1 medical device manufacturer engaged Sterling Engineering to support them in coordinating custom automation machines from several other suppliers onto the new lines in production. Read on.

parcels Project management

Logistics – Parcel Feasibility Studies

A global logistics company had new technology that could be a game changer for some locations. As their in-house engineering was already over capacity on existing projects, Sterling was engaged to support remote feasibility studies. Read on.

oven manufacturer project management

Robotic Work Cell – Appliance Manufacturer

An appliance manufacturer hired an automation company to automate the assembly of a new oven design involving part picking, welding, verification/inspection, and component assembly. Read on.

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